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About this series

To help us kick off this new ministry era together, we’re starting a new series on Sunday, January 31, called Restart. Not just because we’re restarting in-person gatherings, but because we could all use a restart after this past year both personally, relationally, spiritually, and as a church family. So, we’re going to look back at what happened in the original church in a book of Acts. If you think about it, the church wasn’t the start of something brand new; it was a restart of God’s people based on a renewed vision, promise, and hope.


A Scandalous Invitation

February 28, 2021


An Imperfect Resume

February 21, 2021


A Generous Life

February 14, 2021


A Greater Power

February 7, 2021


An Outrageous Vision

January 31, 2021