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Racial Reconciliation

Resources on racial reconciliation and faith

Where do I start?

We believe racial reconciliation matters because of the gospel of Jesus. Jesus’ death on the cross didn’t just create a way to be made right with God—it made a way for people to be made right with each other. This page is dedicated to helping you learn more about what gospel-centered racial conciliation looks like and what you can do to be part of it.

Letter from Scotty
Racial Reconciliation

The Bible

The Bible is full of scriptures that speak about God’s heart on racial reconciliation. The following is a comprehensive, but not an exhaustive list of verses on racial reconciliation.

Racial Reconciliation

Northshore Message

Watch a panel of Seattle Pastors discuss God’s heart on Racial Reconciliation and the responsibility we have as a church to help bring about the healing needed in our world.

Racial Reconciliation


The following list of books help give insight on Racial Reconciliation from a Biblical perspective.

White Awake, Daniel Hill
 Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson
Roadmap to Reconciliation, Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil
One Blood, John Perkins

Racial Reconciliation

Be the Bridge Groups

Looking for opportunities to listen, learn, and act? Sign up for our newsletter and info about upcoming Be the Bridge groups here.

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Racial Reconciliation

Tim Keller Message

Bryan Stevenson & Tim Keller will help us explore ways to sustain hope through a grace-filled pursuit of justice and mercy as they draw from their own calling and work.