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Ever Wonder - by Alpha

Tuesdays, May 23-June 6


Ever Wonder

What to Expect...

Ever Wonder is a three-week experience that explores questions about purpose, identity and belonging.   Each evening will last for about 60 minutes and include light appetizers, optional beer tasting, a short video and a good conversation.  Join the discussion with others asking life’s big questions in a safe, fun and judgment free space.

Connect with Others

Everyone will be connected with a small group of people during the session. The group time allows people with different thoughts, beliefs and experiences share honest questions and have open conversations.

Explore Together

Each session, we’ll watch a video together that can spark group discussions. These videos explore big issues about faith and life’s meaning. People in your group will all have different ideas and opinions and we want to hear them all.


Upcoming Dates

Fall Alpha 2023



  • SUNDAYS AT 9:00 & 10:30 AM PST
  • 10301 NE 145TH ST
    KIRKLAND, WA 98034