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Parenting in an Anxious World

Anxiety and depression are on the rise, dominating the ways young people talk about their generation. While leaders and parents are becoming more aware of these problems, we often aren’t sure how to respond. That’s why we’re excited for the opportunity to learn from Dr. Kara Powell, Executive Director of Fuller Youth Institute and renowned author, on how to care for our kids when they are experiencing pressure, stress, and anxiety on a daily basis.

On Thursday, July 23 we held an evening with Dr. Kara Powell, where she empowered parents with language and tools to respond to and have conversations with their kids so they feel like they are not alone.

We learned how to recognize pressure building up and build a circle of support as we discussed parenting and faith in an anxious world. This event was specifically designed for parents with kids in late elementary through high school but was beneficial for parents with kids of all ages.

We're sorry you missed the live Zoom webinar, but we didn't want you to miss out, so we recorded it for you to watch at any time. Just fill out the form below to get access to the video.

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