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Northshore Church Ministry Report 2023

A year of Jesus changing everything

Northshore exists to lead people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus – because Jesus can change everything for anyone.

This drives every decision we make and guides every conversation we have.

As a church, we are committed to being together for our neighbors, the next generation, and those in need so that the Puget sound and beyond can flourish.

Letter from Scotty

Dear Northshore,

It has been a historic year in the life of our community. I remember one of our gatherings earlier this year when we came together and prayed that God would open doors for our lives personally and that he would lead us as a church into even greater places.

God has been faithful to continue the work he has been doing through our church over the last 54 years. We broke multiple records for attendance and giving and were part of hundreds of people making decisions to say yes to Jesus in every area of their lives here in Kirkland, online, and worldwide through our many ministry partners.

We opened a new chapter in an old story and reignited our passion for being a church that multiplies and fights to reach the next generation through the Greater Things campaign launched on Easter this year. More than ever, I believe the sacrifices made this year through the Greater Things campaign will ripple out into eternity, transforming lives and leading people to Jesus for generations to come.

Most profoundly, the celebration is not about pastors or leaders but about you, the people of Northshore Church. Together, we’ve held to our vision of leading people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus — because Jesus can change everything for anyone. We’ve welcomed more than 500 first-time guests in person, and thousands more online. We have celebrated baptism, welcomed new members of our family in celebration, and had people from 31 countries join our community through Northshore Online, who watched over 10,000 hours of our live-streamed weekend experiences. We’ve stepped deeper into the Holy Spirit’s promptings in our weekend gatherings and experienced many miraculous healings and encounters through those times together.

There’s much more to celebrate. It has been an incredible year. Below are just a few stories not about numbers or dashboards but stories of how Jesus can change everything for anyone. I hope they remind and inspire you to think about what can happen when we say yes to Jesus and dream about all that is to come. I love you and am so grateful to be on this adventure with you!

Scotty Scruggs

Meet Olivia and Colby

Jesus can change everything for anyone. If you’ve been around Northshore long enough, you’ve seen it written on our walls and spoken by many in our community. This is much more than a mantra. It’s a statement of faith based on the fact that we’ve seen God do it time and time again across generations of our church and throughout scripture. Each week, we get to experience people choosing to say yes to Jesus through steps like baptism. We want to introduce you to Olivia and Colby, who experienced this transformative power of Jesus, through Northshore. When Olivia first met Colby, she would tell you she was a staunch atheist. But finding a church home was important to Colby, so they watched Northshore Online one Sunday. Olivia immediately loved it. They soon started attending in person and found themselves surrounded by a community of people whom they could be vulnerable with and lean on for help. “The scariest thing you can do is open up to people, but it’s also the most healing thing you can do.” Through these relationships, Olivia found her hope in Jesus and was baptized last July.

Meet Levi, Tyson, and Connor

Being a church together for the next generation means we are passionate about making Northshore a place that prioritizes showing kids and students what is possible when life is lived in a relationship with Jesus. Not only does that happen in our Sunday gatherings, but every Wednesday night through something called Midweek. God is doing something unique in the lives of high school and middle students at Northshore. Levi, Tyson, and Connor have experienced the Holy Spirit leading them to minister to others in ways they would never have before. For them, Northshore is not just a place to invite their friends to but a launching point to bring the gospel wherever they go.

Meet Genevive

Throughout scripture, we read many reminders to go together, to do life in community, and to love others. It’s why, as a church, we talk about the importance of it so much. Through things like life groups, hundreds of people who call Northshore home are experiencing the transformative power of community in their own lives and witnessing the impact of what can happen when we are a church that goes together. Genevieve is a working mom who joined our community in a season of change and solitude, looking for something more. What she found was a group that embraced imperfection and explored their faith together.

Genevieve’s journey reveals what can happen through community and how Jesus works through the connections we form. Read on to discover how Genevieve found her tribe and deepened her relationship with God.

Meet Konnie

As a church, we’re called to care for those right here in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Each year, over 10% of our giving goes out to our ministry partners worldwide to meet various communities’ practical and spiritual needs. We wanted to introduce you to Konnie Drews, who is a part of Northshore and the US representative at Papillio, one of the many organizations we partner with, rescuing hundreds of women yearly from human trafficking. She explains that Papillio aims to reach the estimated 500,000 individuals in the commercial sex industry in Spain. Because of your generosity, we can continue to partner with Papilio to bring comfort, humanitarian need, and love to the women on the streets, providing a means of rescue whenever possible.

Meet Kelcie

One of the most pivotal seasons of our church in 2023 was our series on mental health and emotional healing. Called Let’s Talk About It, we wanted to expose the lie that having mental health struggles means you are a terrible person. Instead, we revealed the truth that we all struggle to varying degrees, and the most significant thing we can do is point each other to Jesus. The panel of experts at First Wednesday and our guest speaker, Brendan McDonough, helped us see a new level of vulnerability and support. We had over 58 people text in or fill out a card saying they wanted resources. All those messages are available at

Kelcie’s story is a powerful example of finding help and healing in the community that surrounded her.

Meet Kristen

On Easter Sunday, we launched the Greater Things campaign as a response to God’s call on us personally and as a church to lead people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus — because Jesus can change everything for anyone. We are fueled by the words found in John 14:12, reminding us that God is never done and that Greater Things await as we step out in faith together. We embarked on an audacious plan to renovate our current Kirkland campus and launch two new campuses to the north and south. As a church, we’ve committed over $5.4 million to this calling and seen so many of you step up to start groups, join teams, and lead the way in launching these campuses. It’s been incredible to see the impact here locally, but this Greater Things campaign has impacted people across the country and around the world.

Kristen was compelled to give and travelled far and wide to deliver an extra special pledge to the efforts, and honor what God was asking her to do, in honor of a friend.

Read her story here.

Thank you.

Because you decide to say yes to Jesus by giving, serving, and loving God and others, Jesus has changed thousands of lives through YOU. Thanks to you and the faithfulness of God, we saw the miraculous power of the Spirit on display here in Kirkland and around the globe. We are blown away by your generosity and continue to thank God for you. If you would like to continue financially partnering with Northshore, you can give online. If you have any questions about our ministry report, please contact us, and we hope to see you at our Family Meeting on Sunday, October 1st.



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