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Week 1 | Ash Wednesday

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Ash Wednesday

“For you are dust and to dust you will return” Genesis 3:19

    This verse in Genesis is traditionally spoken over a person on Ash Wednesday as a priest or minister places ashes on their forehead in the shape of the cross. It physically represents two core ideas we are carrying into the Lenten season. 

First, we are creatures of dust. We are frail, weak, finite, and sinful. Remembering this is important as one journeys into the “wilderness” to be with God. The journey and transformation can only happen through the power of God and the diminishment of self. It’s why people often have a daily or weekly fast during Lent; to provide a consistent reminder of our weaknesses.

The second reason Genesis 3:19 is said during Ash Wednesday is that it contains the first Gospel promise of hope at the end of the journey. Genesis 3 shows Adam and Eve’s failure in the garden, but also God’s promise of redemption in their future. In Exodus, Isreal traveled through the wilderness, but they eventually made their home in the Promised Land. 

In the same way, getting through Lent is not the goal or destination. Instead, Lent leads us on a journey that culminates with Resurrection Sunday. All of Lent is in service of preparing us for Easter. Through Lent, we create a hunger to be satisfied with the heavenly meal of the Gospel.

How You Can Start:

A core practice of Lent is fasting. Fasting is the act of denying oneself of something essential or indulgent for a season. During Lent, some people fast for the whole 40 days, some fast for the day times, and some fast at specific times like the weekend. In upcoming reflections, we will teach how to do weekend fasts, but for now, you can ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything He would like you to fast from this season. The point is not to make it to the end, having given up something, but to be reminded in the wanting just how weak we are. 

What will you fast from during Lent? We encourage you to choose something to give up that will challenge you, even if you think you will fail.

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