Sole Hope: The Rest of the Story

Sole Hope: The Rest of the Story

Blow the trumpets!

How many pairs of shoes did we cut on Tuesday?

Read below to find out….

What a beautiful morning we had on Tuesday, hearing about what God is doing around the world, from Pastor Hilario. We were then able to gather in our groups, and contribute to making shoes for the little four year olds in Uganda.

What an honor. Hilario shared with us that Northshore is focused on


We are able to contribute to feeding programs in Nicaragua, Haiti or India.

We can contribute to bringing about more freedom for humans (women, children) around the world who are trapped in sex or work slavery–he highlighted that there is more slavery in the world than ever before in history!

Lastly, we can contribute to education of people around the world thru child sponsorship in Nicaragua or through some health education in places like Spain. (Check Northshore Women’s FB for more info on how to help make the health packs for prostitutes on the streets of Spain, this month).

Won’t you join us in praying for all of these souls around the world who are trapped in slavery, poverty, but most importantly in the hell that is not knowing the name of Jesus?

Here are some pictures of the women from Tuesday AM Bible study participating in the Sole Hope project. Read more about what Sole Hope is, here. It is an honor to think that jeans that have been discarded here in our corner of the world, can be re-purposed into little shoes for children in villages in Uganda.

The “business model” of having us do all the prep work for these shoes, but still employing Ugandans to sew them, blows my mind. What a great use of resources! These children in Uganda don’t have shoes, and they are in desperate need of them, since the area is plagued with jiggers. sh8Jiggers are a parasite that burrow into the skin and create lots of infection and other health problems. I was told by another pastor here that he has had one jigger before, and it was one of the worst feelings he can imagine. Children (and adults) there have upwards of 100-150 at one time. Sole Hope works to clean out the infection and bugs, and provides these people with the shoes made out of our discarded jeans. So cool!

God is so creative in the ways He gives people ideas and areas of ministry. We are called to observe and have compassion, as Hilario pointed us to today.

As you go about your life, I challenge you to observe with Jesus’ eyes, and then work to bring compassion and healing, even if it’s a small way, to those around you. In doing so, you are showing the healing mercies only Jesus has, and then you have the answer…Jesus. We were shown great mercy, so we give great mercy.

Thank you to all the women who participated, and especially to Laurie Wenzel who organized it all. Great job!


And, last, but not least…how many pairs of shoes did you all cut? 130! WOW! And, some groups took some fabric home to continue the cutting, so there will be more to come. And, lastly, we raised a little over $250 to help with shipping and money to pay the Ugandan shoemakers. Such a fantastic job, well done!

  • Laurie Wenzel
    Posted at 12:26h, 27 October Reply

    Yes yes yes,busy hands and hearts!!! Praise God for ways to connect and love on children and families way around the world.

  • Julie Zager
    Posted at 11:14h, 27 October Reply

    This makes my heart so happy! To see the joy in giving and serving…such awesomeness. Way to go women!!

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