Merry Christmas, Northshore Women

I trust that you are all fully immersed into all this season means, both as the birth celebration of our Savior, but also as the “Keeper of all Things”. Women keep track of so many things; it’s been said that our bodies are exhausted from the sheer volume of information we are required to carry around in our brains….

When is the band concert? What size sleeper will my baby wear five months from now? Who are the gluten free guests coming for Christmas dinner?…Where is Jesus in all of these thoughts? It’s hard to find Him sometimes.

For me, one of the best ways to find Him is to see other people. Truly see them. Their faces. The lines around their mouth, the dryness of their hands in this wintery season. The sigh made while waiting in line.

When I’m able to slow my mind and my breathing enough to see people, then the prompts from the Holy Spirit start. “Say a word of blessing”. “Tell her she is a good mama”. “Offer to pick up the dropped item”. “Inquire into their lives”. “Offer to bring some food”. “Offer to go for a walk on a rare sunny day”. “Linger just a little longer to hear their story”.

These are all the ways we can be the hands and feet of Jesus at this busy time. I invite you into seeing Jesus and watching the ripple affect His love can have. It will surprise you. In fact, it will take your breath away–and replace it with His.

I love you, deeply, dear women of Northshore. My prayer for you this season, and every season, is that you find Jesus, walk closely in the wake of His robe, and do what He does. Enjoy your friends and family, and we will see you back here in January. xoxo


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