Melani’s Interlude Story

Melani’s Interlude Story

Guest writer, Melani Plett

I have attended Interlude for over a decade. It is an oasis for me in the middle of a busy season.  When I enter the beautiful Rainbow Lodge my body physically relaxes and my spirit begins to gain perspective because this is a setting where the Lord has repeatedly met me and the other ladies who attend.  Sometimes it has been in times of excitement and expectation, and at other times, I’ve been healing from tragedy or pain.  I take this protected time to journal, read the Bible, reflect, sleep and write notes of prayer to those who come to mind.

Walking the paths through the woods and streams at Rainbow Lodge further draw me into the presence of our Creator, offering the opportunity to listen as God speaks to my heart. Sometimes I walk with a friend, where together we seek to hear from the Lord and listen to one another.  Each year I leave looking forward to the next year!

Join Melani and others like her, to break away from the urgent, and make space for Jesus’ voice. Interlude Retreat is Sat, Nov 12 at 5p til Sun, Nov 13 at 3p. Register here.


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