Have a GREAT Summer!!

Have a GREAT Summer!!

Well, girls, I miss you already and school hasn’t even let out yet! I am praying for you to have a blessed and restful summer. Here are some thoughts on friendship, from Jennie Allen, as we roll into a different rhythm this summer:

Do you want deeper friends? 
Do you feel left out?

Here is a secret about all my closest friends…. they need me and they show it and tell me that all the time.

Impose yourself upon people. Assume they want to be your friend. Need things from others and assume they want to help! 
Make your neighbor run to the mall with you.
Borrow the rake instead of Amazon prime it.
Save a seat at church for someone.
Swap childcare instead of hiring a sitter.
Ask a friend to tag along to chemo with you. 
Tell someone you need a training partner for a race.
Ask for advice.

We lead independent lonely lives- and we don’t want to bother people so we don’t and we wonder why we don’t have friends. Pick up pizza and pop by a friend’s house tonight. If they are busy… worst case scenario- you have leftovers.

Risk. Need. Bother. It’s called community.

So, let’s all step out of our comfort zone a little bit, and invite people into our worlds, this summer. I love you all deeply and think and pray for you often. In the spirit of true and reciprocal friendship, I would ask that you pray for me too!

And, as it gets closer to fall, think about your schedules and how a Bible study or other weekly Gathering could fit into your life. The authentic community that we are working to cultivate is worth every ounce of the effort.

Enjoy the flip flops!! xo L.

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