Favorite Things: Lauren’s edition

Favorite Things: Lauren’s edition

Hey friends! If you were with us on Tuesday at Bible study, you know that I did a version of Oprah’s favorite things, except the exact OPPOSITE!! Mine were basically free and I didn’t give anything away…whomp whomp. But, for those of you who missed it and have been waiting on baited breathe (haha!) to hear these, I thought I’d do a recap here!!

First, I  began with my new all time favorite breakfast (or anytime) item: Eggs! Since I discovered that it was time to “release” my baby weight when my baby turned 11 (don’tcha love that term? as if I’m keeping my weight on me for safe keeping?!!), this is the best and most effective way to enjoy a protein rich breakfast. Add a few veggies and you are good to go!

Next, are two of my favorite podcast/website resources. What’s a podcasts you ask? Well, do you like radio, but you don’t like being at the whim of what the DJ or talk radio starlette plays for you? Enter podcasts. You find an author or speaker and listen to what they have to say or an interview they do, whenever you want. On a smart phone, “they” have cleverly added a podcast listening app to your phone for you. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can simply go to these two author/speaker’s websites here and here, and find more info.

Phil Vischer’s episode that I’m recommending is #267. It is entitled Race in America. He has some “yakity yak” with his co-hosts until minute 18:30, so if you don’t have time to listen to chit chat, I recommend you fast forward. This episode is recommended as a primer (albeit just scratching the surface) if you are looking for “what is the deal with racism in the United States in 2017–I don’t get it! What’s everyone so fired up about?” Well, this answers some of those questions. He handles the historical walk through of race in the United States in, my opinion, a responsibly accurate way. If his name is familiar, that is because he is the founder of Veggie Tales and the voice of Bob the Tomato. He then went on to produce a fantastic series for kids called What’s in the Bible. He now has podcast that is very good, with many fun interviews. I really enjoyed his interview with Eric Metaxas, as well. (episode 262)

The episode that I highlighted of Jen Hatmaker’s podcast is an interview with a gal named Shasta Nelson. She is a “friendship expert”, and has some really interesting things to say about research on friendship that she has conducted. She has a new book called Frientimacy that explores her research. (Another link to her site) I hope you enjoy these two resources!

Lastly, while I think we all know that you probably can’t walk and eat eggs (two healthy things I’m now doing), you CAN walk and listen to podcasts or audio books. So, my fave things # 2-4 can be done simultaneously, and we all know how much women love multitasking!! Ha!! I have been walking 3 miles a day, for about 18 months, unless it is completely raining sideways. It has helped me keep my “released weight” off, but has also given me a great outlet to do some self-care. I pray, I listen to books, I listen to podcasts, or I simply just listen to music. I feel more calm when I’ve walked, ready to tackle what comes next in life.

Well, that’s all I shared on Tuesday, but I’d love to hear from you all! I may consider doing a “Holiday edition” like Oprah, but we’ll see. 🙂 Comment here or on Facebook to share your fave things–try to think of things as free as possible!! It’s a challenge.

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