Are We Ready for Fall?!

Are We Ready for Fall?!

Well, school has started and the air has that crisp smell that can only mean Fall is right around the corner. What’s your favorite thing about Fall? My favorite thing is probably the quiet coziness that falls on our house. I love mums, pumpkins, and the crisp air with some last bits of sunshine remaining. And, let’s be honest, aren’t we all more comfy in our leggings and oversized sweaters? Well, maybe just me.

I hope that after you have a chance to settle into the new season, you have some time to think through what God has for you this year. For me, even more than January, I look at September as a fresh start. Sharpened pencil and fresh notebook paper! What might something be, spiritually, that He’s calling you to begin?

We have many opportunities here at church to connect and grow. Tuesday AM and Thursday PM Bible studies are a fantastic place to grow in the Word as well as meet new friends. And, MOPS is still accepting moms, even though a few kids classrooms have filled to capacity. Register for any or all of it, here. Lastly, don’t forget to save the date for Interlude, our retreat down at Rainbow Lodge–it’s your 24 hr retreat with Jesus! We will all be needing that by Nov 18-19. Registration will open for that on 10/15.

We not only would LOVE to have you, but we need YOU with us!! We are better together!

Blessings to you,

Lauren Neal, Director of Women’s Ministries


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