Alice and Joann: Authentic Friendship

Alice and Joann: Authentic Friendship

True and authentic friendship, born out of a need to serve each other, is rare and hard to find these days. Joann Moisant and Alice Mitchell are very good friends who have spent almost a decade loving each other and laughing through life’s trials. They should be a true example to us all! Here’s a little bit about their friendship: 

As we made our way to my office, they trailed behind me laughing like school girls; I love listening to them banter back and forth. What joy they have, as we get settled into the chairs in my office and they look around. Alice needs to get back home soon to Jerry, her husband, as he is a double amputee and she is his only care giver. 

Lauren: Ok girls, I know we don’t have a lot of time. Tell me how you met?

Joann: On a Sunday morning! Alice was pushing Jerry in a wheelchair up to the entrance at church by the kids area, up the sidewalk.

Lauren: When did you and Jerry come to Northshore?

Alice: In 2008. Because of Joann’s husband’s illness she noticed us and offered to help us in. We couldn’t even find the front entrance, and Joann rescued us, even tho she never walks down that way. I thought to myself, “Here comes this woman with just joy!” She led us in and welcomed us in. Joann’s husband, Doug, passed away in 2011.

Lauren: What bonded you together?

Alice: We are similar. “No we are not!” Joann interjects and they laugh.

Joann: We both had husbands who were invalids, with health challenges. We had that to begin with.

Alice: I have come to church distraught, over a husband who has lost independence, and it’s been so challenging. Joann’s patience has helped me, and she has let me know that I’m ok in my desperation.

Joann: Doug and I were able to have our kids behind us, but Alice doesn’t have that to rely on.

Lauren: What do you love about the other person?

Alice: I love her joy and she loves and cares for my husband as well. She send hugs to him. I love her faith; she is so strong in the Lord.

Joann: I love Alice because I can be myself when I’m around her. We laugh a lot. We don’t have to put on any thing. We feel secure around each other. We have a lot in common including our animals that are close to death, and we are keeping them alive. We also love to walk.

Lauren: What’s the best advice you have about friendship, for other women?

Alice: Our friendship started with similar interests [husbands who need care], so we needed each other. We look out for other people. Joann would almost knock me over trying to get to someone new.

Joann: That’s because that’s where I was, that many years ago, and so how would I feel if I needed a friend?!

Lauren: Where were you? Why did you need a friend years ago?

Joann: Because of where I came from in need with my husband’s illness, I have a heart for others, when they need a friend. Joann started coming to NCC in 35-40 years ago when it met in the little house down the street. 

Alice: We get Tuesdays and Sundays together, and we sit with each other. We can talk on the phone. We invest in each other and love each other.


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  • Carry M.
    Posted at 18:02h, 24 October Reply

    I love these two ladies! So thankful for them and their support in my life as well. What a fun story to hear!

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