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The Whole Family Serving Our Local Schools

July 31, 2023 •

One great bi-product of getting involved with Community Serve Day is the lasting impact it has on the whole family. This event brings families together while serving in the Northshore and the Lake Washington School Districts. 

Last year, families participated in this Sunday morning event, and it was exciting to hear what parents had to say. Here are some heartwarming quotes from families who volunteered.

“I was happy to see my 18 and 17-year-old kids paint the basketball court while laughing and talking with each other. With the oldest leaving the nest soon, I appreciate the time spent together.” – Wellington Volunteer

“My family helped a new teacher decorate her classroom. She had a lot to do and was worried she’d have to give up some of her ideas. My family and others took on her list with excitement. The whole room buzzed. It was a great time.” – Woodmoor Volunteer

“My kindergartner was helping sort the books in a 3rd-grade classroom, and when he took a break, he chose to read one of the books! He even helped sort and count by 10s the colorful cube blocks. Not only did he help with the tasks, he practiced his math and reading skills!” – Arrowhead Volunteer

And just for fun, here’s what one Juanita teacher had to say after families and individuals helped get her classroom ready. 

“With hundreds of books of new curriculum to organize, I imagined myself at school every weekend going through the task of looking up each title online to find out the new number…a few community members took on the task of looking up the books, attaching a sticker with the new number, and putting them in categorized bins I created. I couldn’t believe it- by the end of the session- they had done ALL of my library! I am so grateful! And I won’t have to miss any of my own sons’ games on weekends to get it done! My 3rd graders will be able to come in on day one and ‘check out’ one of my books!” – Juanita teacher

Community Serve Day is more than just a Sunday morning event; it’s an opportunity for families to unite, bond, and make a difference in their community. 

These heartwarming quotes from last year’s volunteers illustrate the tremendous value of this initiative and how it leaves a lasting impression on the families involved and the schools they serve. 

By participating in Community Serve Day, your family will enrich the lives of others and create cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.


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