Kari McGoorty and children

Teaching Kids is a Team Effort 

by Kari |

Working in the Early Childhood ministry allows me the opportunity to not only minister and share the love of Jesus with children, but also  to know families I wouldn’t necessarily meet otherwise.

I have attended Northshore since 1993, and I’ve seen a lot of changes–especially with many new people coming in, as well as saying goodbye to people who moved on to start other churches. Serving in the Early Childhood area helps me feel connected to a broader scope of people who attend Northshore, so I don’t isolate myself to just my small group of friends but see a bigger scope of how God is working.

Another thing I love about working in this ministry is that the leadership reaches out to make sure teachers are equipped to love on these children well, and they are always up for listening to our needs and assisting us however they can. It’s a team effort, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.

For more info on volunteering with NKids, email dorenem@northshore.church.


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