A couple shop at the Northshore Community Church Toy Shop event

Shopping in Community

by Lauren Neal – Director of Group Life |

My husband and I are in a new small group as of this fall, and it can sometimes take time to really get to know everyone. Our leader is amazing: he sends great emails, he makes tasty desserts to welcome us, and he leads lovely discussions.

But, from my past group leading experience, it can sometimes be a bit burdensome to do everything for the group. So it was a wonderful surprise when the whole group received an email from a gal within the group inviting all of us to grab pizza in Woodinville and then go shopping at the local Target for toys for Toy Shop.

It was great for a few reasons: first, we didn’t get an email asking for dates and if everyone can make it or all the pesky coordinating stuff. Second, what a relief for the leader to have someone within the group just step up and take charge of some missional stuff. And last, what a perfect way to love on our church as a small group through pooling our time and resources to buy toys together! Everything is more fun when done in community. Our group is looking forward to celebrating what God will do through these toys for folks in our community who wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise, and for how our bond as a group will continue to grow. We’ll update you this Sunday on how it all goes!

To volunteer or get a toy list, visit www.northshore.church/toyshop


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