Running on Empty? reFuel!

by Amber |

I spent my first ten years after college working in a college women’s ministry role. Each new quarter of the academic year kicked off with a weekend gathering or retreat. Sometimes we stayed local near the university, while other times we ventured off to a cabin or beachfront home. Regardless of where we were physically, one thing remained the same: when women gathered together for Jesus, laid down the distractions of daily life and set aside time to invest in each other and their own spiritual growth, lives changed. As Bibles were opened and community shared, I witnessed walls coming down in the lives of these women, year after year. Laughing or enjoying a meal together, new friendships were sparked and other relationships deepened in intimacy. Women who came tired, hurting, lonely, or hungry for truth and encouragement, shared that they left feeling refreshed, with a deeper sense of connection and purpose, thankful for the time set aside to pour in to themselves. What a gift it was to be given a front row seat to witness the impact a gathering or retreat can have on a woman’s life.

With a few dozen retreats and gatherings in my rearview mirror, I’ve seen God move in unexpected ways, and I couldn’t be more excited to see how He is going to show up at our upcoming women’s weekend, reFuel. reFuel will be a time to interact with God, each other, and the Bible, so we are fueled up and ready for what’s next in our lives. In recent years, our spring women’s weekend has focused on broadcasting the IF Conference. As we began to pray and process what the Lord had in store for our time together this year, our hearts were moved to think outside the box and offer a more homegrown experience for the women here at Northshore. There will still be a few IF elements weaved throughout our weekend, as we are in alignment with their mission to gather, equip, and unleash women.  reFuel will, however, be largely Northshore-inspired and created. We are thrilled to be able to tap into and celebrate the gifts of so many of the women who call Northshore home.

Expect intimate table groups, meaningful worship experiences, time to slow down and connect with God through the use of creative spaces, delicious meals, biblical teaching, group discussions, workshops . . . and we hope lots of laughter along the way. We pray you will take this opportunity to be fueled up in your faith and your friendships, and to be spurred on in your purpose for this next season of life.

If you’re interested in registering for reFuel, head on over HERE.



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