Out of Darkness

Like any mother, Tina wanted a better life for her and her children. When she heard about the opportunity to leave her native Nigeria and take a job as a seamstress in Spain, she jumped at the opportunity. What Tina didn’t realize was what seemed like a chance at a better life was actually a trap that would enslave her in the dark world of human trafficking. Tina was forced to work the streets doing unspeakable things. But a glimmer of hope came one night when she met a team on the dark streets of her city.

Guided by one of our partner ministries in Spain, a team from Northshore Community Church was out on those same dark streets providing for the basic needs of the women trapped in this world. As the team distributed self-care and hygiene kits, they spent time getting to know Tina and the other women and offered to pray with them. This simple act of kindness marked the beginning of a new chapter for Tina. A relationship developed with our Spanish partners. Eventually arrangements were made for Tina to escape to Madrid, in the north of the country, where she could be safe from the organized crime ring that had enslaved her and so many others. Since then, Tina has courageously appeared in court as the star witness, helping arrest and prosecute those who had enslaved her.

Tragically, Tina’s story is too common. But through our partners in Spain, change is happening. Last year one of our partner ministries in Spain helped rescue 22 women like Tina from sexual slavery. They have helped those rescued find housing and career training so these women can finally find the new life they’d been dreaming of. And they’re helping them find the unconditional love of Jesus. Recently Tina was baptized at her church in Madrid. She’s learned a new trade and is experiencing a whole new life.

Northshore is passionate about this important work because we believe Jesus is passionate about this important work. And through the generosity of Northshore Community Church, $110,000 was raised last month to help provide scholarships for many more “Tinas” who will be helped through this ministry. We believe Jesus can change everything for anyone, and people like Tina are living proof of the new life that is possible thanks to Him.


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