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Finding Hope

By a Compassion Fund Recipient |

A generous mechanic worked with Northshore’s Compassion Fund to give a refurbished car to a woman who desperately needed it. After that woman received her car, she responded with this note:

Wow, what a beautiful day it is!!!! I’m speechless what you have done for my family! I’m very grateful and in shock. I woke up the next morning and looked out to my parking spot and it was real. Still speechless. I’ll tell you why…

When I grew up, all I remember was going in and out of foster care and not having a human to love me or look up to. I was in foster care when OJ was getting chased by the police on the freeway. I remember that moment because my foster mom made me cook for the other foster kids. I was taken from my home and put in care due to physical abuse from my mom and dad, to the point when I had broken bones.

I was taken from my home and put in care due to physical abuse from my mom and dad...

When I was returned to my home, my family used my body as a bank account. That’s why it’s hard to believe a stranger would even give me a car without wanting anything in return.

After being forced into a marriage, I stayed with my husband for four years because I had nowhere to go. I was scared to ask for help, because when I did, the police or schools did not believe me. I finally saved up enough and ran away to Seattle with my sister. I ended up staying with a guy for eight years so I could have place to stay, being his personal slave, while he had another secret family I knew nothing about.

I ended up working in bars and got into drinking and using drugs to cope with all the trauma I endured in my life. I got pregnant with my daughter and was doing fine, until bartending caught up to me. The doctor gave me pain pills for my back, and that led to the hard-core drugs. Eventually my life came crumbling down and Child Protective Services (CPS) came into the picture.

I put myself into inpatient treatment for six months and that saved my life, as well as the life of my daughter. I never had anything given to me, not a single birthday gift or card, and I’m 35 years old, so it’s hard to believe that there are kind strangers out there.

...it’s hard to believe that there are kind strangers out there.

My life today is wonderful. I now work with CPS to give others hope and help others get into treatment, so I’m more of a case manager. And I’ve been clean for three years now! I’m overwhelmed with love because of what you did. The Lord loves me. Tears of happiness. I’m so very grateful. I hope I can call you my friends.


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  • K-Y Su
    Posted at 21:18h, 15 October Reply

    wow – unspeakably tragic but thank you for being willing to share your life, both past and present. I’m relieved that God is restoring and blooming you now. And yes you are our friend.

  • Roxanne Kar
    Posted at 22:29h, 05 October Reply

    Dear friend, I am so sorry for the amount of trauma and suffering you have endured. But I’m so glad that you tangibly experienced the Love of God through the generosity of our church. As a foster and adoptive mom, I hear your heartbreak as a little girl and I wish I could have wrapped my arms around you. You are not alone and God sees you! You are worth more than many jewels. Your sister in Christ, Roxanne

  • Kathy Farrow
    Posted at 07:09h, 05 October Reply

    Wow. So glad you are clean and sober. Thank you for your testimony. It breaks my heart. That you had such a hard life.. Then Jesus. What would we do without Him?

  • Jeff Wysong
    Posted at 16:36h, 04 October Reply

    Such a heart warming story to see the Lord touch your heart and heal you and your family. Rest assured you can call us family too! God bless you!

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