Engulfed in Crisis and Love

by Jenny Burgess

“What are we going to do?” I asked my husband.  I was beginning an extended stay in the hospital due to a complicated pregnancy, and my husband was about to balance work, caring for three kids who missed their mama, and visiting me. My water had broken earlier that day, at thirty weeks, and after a very scary few hours, the baby and I were both doing fine, but we didn’t know how we would handle the family crisis that engulfed us.

During this challenging time, people showed up for our family in many ways. Most notably, the women from Northshore’s Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) supported my family. I had only been a part of MOPS for a few months, and suddenly my family started receiving meals three times a week for almost my entire hospital stay. When my kids got sick, women from MOPs offered to help my husband with the kids so he could visit me in the hospital. Women even offered to watch the kids so my husband could get some work done.

On one special day, the women from my MOPS table arrived at my hospital room to throw me a baby shower. They brought gifts, food, and even all my favorite foods I’d been craving. I was very sick of hospital food. One woman from my table stopped by the hospital at least once a week to check in on me. It was such a lonely time and she brightened it with every visit.

It was such a lonely time and she brightened it with every visit.

My husband texted me pictures of the meals he received. Women I had never even met dropped off delicious, healthy meals with enough for leftovers. They chatted with my husband, many prayed with him and for our family, and many checked in to see if they could help in any other ways. My family was blessed beyond words by the generosity of these wonderful women.

Our sweet Miles Christopher was born at thirty-three weeks and six days and spent three and a half weeks in the hospital. After we brought him home, our family was finally together again after almost eight weeks from that first scary day in March.

This experience reaffirmed the importance of community. Being a part of MOPS has helped me in more ways than I can say. It’s such a powerful thing to come alongside other women in the same stage of life and support one another. Raising kids is hard, being a mom with littles is hard, but doing it with other women makes it a little easier. I’m grateful to all the women who helped my family during one of our most challenging seasons of life.

MOPs is starting again on September 17. Enjoy a hot brunch, connections with other moms, great speakers, fantastic community, loads of coffee, and a restful break from your kids.

Consider volunteering your time at MOPs to give moms a break. Contact: Camie at camienicole@gmail.com


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