Blessed Greatly

By Janet |

I am older, single, and disabled to varying degrees. My family and I have been through some very tragic and trying circumstances, which began about four years ago and created a major financial setback. Because of all that, I recently had to move to a smaller home. My daughter, her husband, and my son combined forces and were just able to get me into a property north of Monroe that needed a lot of work.

They worked nonstop to get my place ready for me, then realized they were falling behind on their own projects. So, I was left with some of the less urgent things still to do.

Then I got a call from another person from Northshore who was part of a small group...

A man from Northshore came out and got several things done, and we got help with the actual move both from the Compassion Fund and from the labor of several couples from my small group. Then I got a call from another person from Northshore who was part of a small group that wanted to help people like me in trying circumstances. He came over and checked everything out and made a list of things that needed to be done.

Within a few days, he and two other men from his small group were back, tools and equipment in tow. They worked hard, steadily, and with joyful spirits for almost six hours and got just about everything finished that may not have been completed for a long time. As they left, they even loaded up a truck with debris from the repairs that had been made to take to the dump. The men were such a blessing just to be around. I could see and feel their hearts powered by the love of God to help someone who could not help herself. It was such a blessing.

Being my age, single, disabled, and not financially well off has snuck up on me, primarily due to circumstances beyond my control, but I now know the feeling that so many others also feel. My life was touched and blessed greatly by the service of this small group, and I’m so thankful for that.

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