The Best Stories Are Yet to Come

By Jonathan Alexander

One of my pastoral mentors has a saying, “The best stories are yet to come.” I love this statement because it’s saturated with hope. God has a way of taking the past, mixing it with the present, and inviting us to lean forward into the future with Him.

I grew up in a wonderful, Jesus-loving home and I started a relationship with Jesus at a young age. Even though I struggled with surrendering my life fully to Jesus through my high school and college years, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t believe that God was real and present in my life. He was with me in some of the lowest points of my life, and He never abandoned me. This beautiful reality has deeply influenced one of my life mottos: “There is nothing you can or cannot do that would cause God to love you any more or any less.” Many have heard me say this when I’ve preached because it’s the essence of the gospel, the good news that Jesus has and continues to pursue us with His relentless and extravagant grace. I believe this truth to the core of my being because I’ve experienced it my whole life.

As my life story progresses, Paige and I felt the call to vocational ministry in the mid-’90s. I was serving as an infantry officer in the Army, and we were at a point in my career where we had to determine what was next. We both sensed God wanted us to use our gifts and passion in full-time ministry. These past seventeen years in the local church have been incredible. I have witnessed the love, power, and grace of God time and time again. I have seen marriages and families change when people allow the Holy Spirit to fully reign in their lives. I have seen communities, locally and globally, change as passionate followers of Jesus sacrificially love and serve others.

The grace of Jesus is what allows and empowers this vision that the best stories are yet to come. In our personal ministry, Paige and I believe that we are going to be able to bring the hope of Jesus into the hearts and lives of our nation’s sailors and Marines. God is using our past military experience, reigniting our hearts in the present, so that we can follow Him into a good future. At the same time, I see God doing the same thing for our beloved church, Northshore Community Church. Friends, Jesus is on the move. His power is changing lives. His mercy is drawing people near to Him. His love is spilling over through your lives into the world around you. My hope and prayer is that each person at Northshore would join in on this great mission—to help people find and follow Jesus. There is no greater purpose in life, and there is no greater joy. Northshore, thank you for these ten wonderful years. Thank you for loving me and my family. Thank you for pressing into the Scriptures with me. Thank you for sending us forward with your support, prayers, and blessings. The best stories are yet to come!

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