At Home With Jesus

A Tribute to Lupe Maple

As the heavy snow began to fall on the afternoon of February 8, Lupe Maple left this earth and was called home to be with Jesus. For those of you who didn’t know Lupe, she was an amazing woman who left an incredible mark on the lives of so many people here at Northshore, as well as in our surrounding communities. Her presence will be missed by many.

After moving out of her parents’ house, Lupe hoped to find freedom on her own. Though she had grown up in a Christian home, she went through a time when following Jesus was the farthest thing from her mind. As time went on, Lupe found herself struggling and overwhelmed. It was in the midst of those struggles that she finally discovered an authentic, loving relationship with Jesus. Her life was radically changed. She began to experience inward healing from her past. It was then, Lupe would say, she finally felt “at home.” God began to heal her from the inside out.

Because of her history, Lupe discovered her passion to help others feel “at home” by experiencing a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Lupe began to lead women’s retreats, where she was so keen at listening to each and every woman, lovingly trying to discern what they were saying beneath their words, that she could speak powerful words of wisdom and truth into them. Over time, Lupe would also be part of launching a Discovery Class, similar to Alpha, where she and others would welcome people who had lots of questions about God and faith.

Perhaps the greatest ministry and legacy Lupe left here at Northshore was the founding of our Recovery and Support ministries. She had such a passion to see people find healing and true freedom in Jesus that in 2004 she raised over $30,000 to build rooms where those needing help in any area of their lives could come and meet in a safe and confidential place. To date, thousands of people have met in those Recovery & Support rooms and have experienced exactly what she hoped for: a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Lonely people found community. Hurting people found healing. Bored people found their calling. And divisions around race, gender, and generations were humbly mended.

On Saturday, March 23, at 1:00 p.m., we will be celebrating Lupe’s life in the Worship Center, and we hope you’ll join us.

If you find yourself needing healing and a safe and confidential place to do so, visit the Recovery and Support webpage or email


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