Val Anderson

An Eternal Perspective

by Lanette |

Val AndersonIn the late 1950s the Columbia Baptist Conference (now Converge Northwest) was planning ahead for future church locations. An area northeast of Lake Washington was considered a prime area for growth. The team located a 3.5 acre parcel and offered $4,000 for the land. The conference did not have the funds readily available, so they put a small ad in their monthly newsletter. Val Anderson, who attended Ballard Baptist Church, noticed the appeal and recalled, “The Lord tapped me on my shoulder and said ‘This is for you.’” Val contacted the editor of the newsletter, Pastor Gordon Carlson, and asked about the appeal.

Val tells the story like this in his memoirs:

“The weather [that Sunday] was typical–light rain. I was in full Sunday dress: suit, white shirt, tie, rain coat, the whole bit. Carlson was determined to show me each stake that bordered this property plot. So I had to climb over logs, blackberry vines, stumps, whatever, to see him point to each individual stake. Although my salary at Boeing was only $2.00 per hour, I did have a bank account. Yes, I agreed to buy this property for the Conference–cash.

“As I viewed the property that Sunday, it was all raw land; only a broken-down shed visible across 145th street. But in viewing, the thought came: someday this will be all houses–what a potential for gospel outreach!”

The Lord tapped me on my shoulder and said ‘This is for you.’

Val AndersonVal felt the Lord’s prompting to take this step of faith to buy the original piece of land, which is now home to Northshore Community Church. When you stand in the foyer and see people of all ages and nationalities joining together to worship and learn more about Christ and His Word, you can see the results of God’s calling.

Val was slightly disabled from birth and was unable to do many things. Yet he prayed, read his Bible regularly, and used the talents and resources God provided. He helped with and encouraged other church plants and used his artistic gift to design posters, brochures, newspaper ads, and stage backgrounds for children’s musicals at the church. The gift God gave him was quietly used to help others share the good news of Jesus.

Val felt the Lord’s prompting to take this step of faith to buy the original piece of land, which is now home to Northshore Community Church.

Val AndersonVal also demonstrated what it meant to live a life following Jesus within the community. He worked for 37 years as a Technical Illustrator for Boeing. During that time he wrote a booklet called “This Is My Story“ to share his testimony with coworkers. Some of those coworkers began a relationship with Jesus. Val had the privilege of sharing Scripture and prayer with the people he worked with for many years. He loved to study Scripture for his personal spiritual growth as well. Val always had a positive attitude, even as he became progressively disabled, and never complained about what he could NOT do.

Val’s lifelong criteria for any action was this: “Will it matter in a week?In six months? Or make a difference for eternity?” His family heard this comment repeated often and re-evaluated many decisions. Val kept an eternal perspective.

Val went to be with his Lord on December 5, 2018.



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  • John Davies
    Posted at 18:10h, 18 January Reply

    Just for some perspective as to the sacrificing faith of this Northshore pioneer, $4,000 in 1958 would be the equivalent of $35,000 in today’s dollars. My parents bought a beautiful home for $20,000 in 1957.

    I remember Val in my Northshore Sunday school class in the mid-90’s before I moved to Thailand. Always an encourager!

  • Ellen Bayles
    Posted at 08:30h, 18 January Reply

    Thank you for sharing Val’s story here. We were part of Northshore for a short time compared to Val and didn’t know his story. It’s good to know he is now walking freely with our Lord in heaven. Chiming in from Colville, Washington.

  • Corky Swanson
    Posted at 18:26h, 17 January Reply

    Precious was Val to me. He always encouraged me and teased me with a fake hand shake. After he found out that I sold steaks to national chain accounts he always greeted me as the bull slinger. I loved Val deeply and always was encouraged by him. I thanked him often for listening to God about this property and tried my best to understand and learn from the deep walk he had with Jesus. A true Frontiersman with vision and insight for the future. May his example of Christ likeness drive NCC to infinity and beyond. Val enjoy your time with Jesus Iam confident He has a vision for you regarding the New Heave and New Earth. Just make sure there are several million dollar parking lots in this next venture. My last lingering memory with Val was sitting in church, arms embraced, some cheerful crying as we belted out singing “i will fly away ol glory”. Until we meet again….
    Grace & Peace Val

  • Tom Cossette
    Posted at 17:04h, 17 January Reply

    We will miss Val. He found a place in our hearts from our first meeting when he was part of our new members interview team. Here was a man who knew Christ intimately and it showed so clearly in his love and care for all the Christian brothers and sisters who crossed paths with him.

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