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A Reluctant Leader

by Trevor Rogers |

It was about this time of year, fourteen years ago, when a friend approached me and asked if I’d consider serving as an overseer for the church. His question caught me off guard. My first response was “Why should I consider this? I’m not sure it’s a good fit for me.” As those words left my mouth, I realized I was falling back into a familiar cycle, one I’d experienced many times before.

At that time Northshore had already been my church home for about 10 years. I enjoyed coming to church every Sunday and loved getting involved wherever I could. At first, getting involved meant making myself available to watch our toddlers in their Sunday school class. This was fine until the teacher suggested that someone lead worship for the kids. My first response was “I’m not a musician, why should I consider this?  I’m not sure this is a good fit for me.” My argument seemed reasonable for a while, but I felt an inner nudging from the Holy Spirit, who kept reminding me about that old guitar I had at home collecting dust. After a time of wrestling with this decision, I finally surrendered my reluctance to the Lord, grabbed that guitar, and started strumming.

I finally surrendered my reluctance to the Lord...

It wasn’t long before a few rounds of “Jesus Loves Me” once a month turned into a weekly children’s worship experience involving the whole family.  On one particularly memorable Sunday, I remember thinking what a great experience this was and how much I would have missed out on if I had not listened to God whispering to me.

The following years were filled with similar experiences. Whether I was serving in children’s ministry, leading a small group Bible study, or serving with a class for people who are married, there seemed to be a recurring cycle of being asked to do something that was more than I thought I could handle, wrestling with the Holy Spirit, and then, by God’s grace, surrendering to His will. Each time I went through this cycle, I realized that God strengthened and grew me. Now you’d think I’d learn to face these challenges without all the wrestling, but there I was, back in 2004, asking the same questions, starting the same cycle.

When I was asked to be an overseer, it felt different; it seemed like too much of a stretch.  My life and ministry at Northshore were comfortable and familiar. As an overseer, I would be getting in over my head. Besides, I was only 37.  Don’t you need to be old to be an overseer? My friend assured me that this role would be a good fit for me if I just thought it through. He encouraged me to read through Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-7 in the Bible and reconsider my perspective. Reluctantly, I stepped out in faith and accepted the invitation.

Reluctantly, I stepped out in faith and accepted the invitation.

Looking back, I can honestly say I am glad I accepted the invitation. It was a privilege and a joy to serve Northshore as an overseer. I am still energized to see what God is doing through this community and how generous His people are with their time, talent, and treasure. I never imagined that dusting off an old guitar would initiate such a transformation in my life. Now, when those invitations come, I’m learning to respond, “Why should I NOT consider this?”


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