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A Reason to Celebrate

by Tim King |

Ten years ago, Northshore Community Church partnered with Overlake Christian Church to organize volunteers to help beautify two schools on the east side of Seattle. They called it Community Serve Day. The two churches organized volunteers, who spent an afternoon painting, scrubbing, and cleaning to help the schools shine before students arrived. The following year, they continued their efforts but also brought on additional partners and schools. Now, ten years later, over 2,500 volunteers from 20 church partners and organizations in the community gather together to beautify 26 schools in the Northshore and Lake Washington areas.

Over these ten years, the churches have been able to establish strong, trusting partnerships with both the Northshore and Lake Washington school districts, while volunteers spend thousands of hours changing the appearance and atmosphere at their local schools. Community Serve Day has enabled Christians to be welcomed to serve in our local schools beyond that day, working with staff and students, and the event has also helped create new large-scale-ministry opportunities, such as Toy Shop and Care Day. This special event has demonstrated the unity of the local body of Christ as dozens of local churches, across denominations, partner to serve the community together in Jesus’ name.

Community Serve Day has enabled Christians to be welcomed to serve in our local schools beyond that day...

We will celebrate Community Serve Day this year on Sunday, August 26. We will take a break from our worship together at Northshore Community Church to, instead, spread out across our community to live out our beliefs and serve others at neighborhood schools. As we organize classrooms, landscape playgrounds, and paint walls, we aim to demonstrate our love for our neighbors and community in a tangible and meaningful way. We want them to know that we take seriously Jesus’ command to “Love our neighbors as ourselves.” We will show our love and concern in practical and appreciated ways that will have a positive impact.

Come join us as we make a difference for Jesus in our community! Sign up at communityserveday.org


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