Story 5-20-18

A Heritage of Service

by Hannah |

Growing up, we had a plaque in the kitchen that read, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” My parents modeled how to serve others for my brother and me, and our family was often the first to arrive at church and the last to leave. I remember helping to print church programs and making sure each chair in the worship center had a freshly hand-sharpened pencil in each seat holder when I was only five years old.

My mother’s well-worn Bible was the source of our many lessons. She guided me to verses that explained how our faith compels actions, that our service is a response of gratitude to Jesus’ gift of salvation, and how God blesses us when we serve. Serving became as natural and essential to my faith as breathing, and I’m thankful for that. 

As I grew older, my responsibilities in church expanded. In grade school, I assisted my mother in the nursery. In high school, as the church piano player, I learned to appreciate the rich meaning in the songs we sang. In college, I co-led our youth group, and deepened my own Bible understanding as I prepared lessons to share with the teens. My relationship with my Lord Jesus was rejuvenated with each new opportunity to serve.

...They have served alongside us in Children’s Ministry

My husband Trevor and I came to Northshore in 1994. We’ve raised our three kids here and have been intentional about continuing the heritage of service. They have served alongside us in Children’s Ministry and in Local Missions, ever watching, listening, and learning. I’ve cautioned them to throw away the lie that they can’t serve until they grow up, or when they have more time, more resources, more skills, or more experience. The Bible says God gives each of us specific talents, so we are equipped to serve. It’s our responsibility to use our gifts, not withhold them, to serve others. Two of my favorite quotes to guide them are, “Find out where God is at work and join Him there,” and “See a need, Fill a need.”

Busyness or the “tyranny of the urgent” has and still threatens to steal this gift and joy of serving others from me at times. I tend to get caught up in all the doing and neglect refreshing myself with time in God’s Word. I’m thankful God accepts me as I am and for the ways He has allowed me to serve at Northshore.

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