Family Friendly Ideas for Beans & Rice Week

Family Friendly Ideas for Beans & Rice Week

#EATCHEAPLY Together Ideas

  • Help your kids pack a lunch for school and save their lunch money.
  • Encourage your kids to eat beans and rice with you, but supplement their meals with other foods as needed.
  • If you usually have a night out as a family, stay in and make dinner together or get a movie at the library instead of renting one.
  • When kids ask you for something at the store, ask if they want to donate that money instead.
  • Suggest that your kids give their allowance this week.
  • Think up a fun family fundraiser (baked goods, crafts, etc…) and donate the money that you raise.
  • Make it a point to pray at dinner or before bedtime for families in Nicaragua, India, and the Philippines. Stay tuned for more prayer points, pictures, and content.
  • Have your children design a money jar or coin can and put it in a central location in the house for collection throughout the week.
  • Take advantage of time in the car together or in the morning at the breakfast table by discussing ‘A Psalm for the World’ devotional with your children. Daily posts will be made with kid-friendly discussion tips.
  • Research different beans and rice recipes and prepare it together as a family. For ideas, check out:



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