A Psalm for the World- Tips for Day #1

A Psalm for the World- Tips for Day #1

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Monday, Day #1: Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is another word for slavery. Slavery is a when a person thinks that they can own another person and be their boss. There are many people around the world, even children your age, that are living in slavery. They have been captured and sold against their will to people who don’t treat them kindly. They are forced to do things against their choice. Their basic human rights have been taken away from them.


– How does it make you feel knowing people around the world are in slavery?

– What do you think God thinks about slavery?

– How do you think God views those who are in slavery?

– In the midst of heavy and hard realities, where can we find hope?

Share: House of Palms is a home and school for girls in India. They have been rescued out of slavery and given an opportunity to get their education and learn about Jesus. They are normal children like you, they play with their friends, eat food, color, and laugh. Show kids the pictures below.

Read: Psalm 82:4 “Rescue the poor and the helpless; deliver them from the grasp of evil people.”

Pray: As a family pray for the rescued girls in India. Pray for justice and freedom for those all around the world who are currently voiceless and stuck in captivity and oppression. Pray for how your family might join the fight against human trafficking locally or globally.

Play: Cook beans and rice with Indian flavor to familiarize kids with the type of spices that girls at House of Palms enjoy.

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