A Psalm for the World: Tips for Day #4 and #5

A Psalm for the World: Tips for Day #4 and #5

Make sure to first read  Beans & Rice Day #4  & Beans & Rice Day #5 if you haven’t already.

Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s guidance above all else in navigating these topics with your children.

Thursday, Day #4: Orphans

Check out the article “How to Talk to Your Children About Orphan Care” and walk through some of the points with your kids.

Last year Northshore raised $53,000 during Beans & Rice week. A percentage of that money was sent to provide meals for 70 orphans at an orphanage in Cite Soleil, Haiti (see picture above).

Play: As a family, write a card for an orphan in the world. Remind them how much God loves them.  Put the letters in the boxes found in the lobby and the community corridor.

The cards must be generic for a boy or girl. The Mission department will gladly distribute the cards locally, to India, the Philippines, to Nicaragua, Ukraine, and many other place we are serving, loving, and visiting orphans.

Friday, Day #5: Persecuted Church

Read the article Talking to Kids About the Persecuted Church by Focus on the Family and take a look at the Kids of Courage page on the Voice of the Martyrs website.

Pray: For our partners in India, Nepal, and the Middle East. May the Lord protect them and give them peace in the midst of persecution.


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