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UPDATE: Read the latest info on in-person gatherings.


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Thank you to everyone who joined us on Friday and made the experience of gathering together so great! Today, however, we are sad to tell you some unfortunate news. Due to new restrictions on outdoor entertainment events, we will be cancelling the rest of our drive-in movie nights for the summer. While we would love to continue these movie nights, we must obey state guidelines and keep a good relationship with our neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there health requirements that we will need to adhere to?

Yes. Everyone is required to wear a mask and stay 6ft apart when outside their vehicle. Please take your temperature before arriving at Northshore. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 and above, will not be permitted at this event. If you are feeling unwell, or if you've recently been exposed to someone unwell, we kindly ask you to stay home.

Will there be restrooms available?

Yes, we will have restrooms available to use on campus. There will be specific safety measures posted outside the restrooms to ensure a clean and sanitized experience.

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How will we hear the movie?

We will be broadcasting the audio through the radio, so be sure your vehicle's radio is working or plan to bring a device that can tune to a radio station.

Can we bring food?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring whatever you'd like to eat. We kindly ask that you not share it with anyone outside of your vehicle.

Can we sit outside our vehicle?

Yes. Feel free to bring blankets or chairs, however, you will need to be seated directly next to your vehicle.

Are we required to provide contact information?

Yes. In order to comply with Washington state guidelines, we will be asking each vehicle for contact information. This information will be confidential to Northshore and will only be used in the event transmission of Covid-19 that could have occurred during this event.

Is this event free?

Yes, this event is free! So invite a friend or neighbor. Space is limited.

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