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Week 5: Wednesday

Lent Reflections

Who is Holding Your Arms?

Finding freedom is not a solo sport. It requires partnering with others to lend us some of their own strength when our strength is gone. When Moses couldn’t keep his arms in the air (in a symbolic expression of their prayer and dependence on God), Aaron and Hur stepped in to help. Let’s be clear – the Israelites’ victory over their enemies in Exodus 17:8-16 wasn’t about how well Moses held his hands in the air; it was a miraculous work of God. However, God worked through each person playing their part: from Joshua and the warriors on the battlefield to Moses with his arms in the air to Aaron and Hur helping Moses hold steady throughout the battle. Each played a part and God brought the victory.

On the journey to freedom, we will encounter resistance along the way. God’s power is the key to overcoming those challenges, but he’ll often work through the people around us to bring victory in our lives. No matter how strong or talented you are, you cannot consistently experience freedom and victory alone. Moses could have pushed them away, pretending to have enough strength to keep his arms in the air. But he admitted his weakness and accepted their help. Is there somewhere you’re struggling but are afraid to admit you need help? Who could you ask to come alongside you in the struggle?

You need an Aaron and Hur. But you also need to be an Aaron and Hur for someone else. Chances are you know someone who is struggling to keep their arms up right now. Pressures and problems are weighing them down and even though they try to appear to have it all together, their arms are beginning to tire. How could you come alongside them to help? Who needs your prayers? Who needs your encouragement? Reach out to them today.

To Reflect
1. Why do we resist admitting weakness and asking for help?
2. Why is it important to know that a person like Moses who had a special relationship with God, still needed help?
3. Who has God put in your life that could hold your arms up?
4. What would it look like to share your weakness with them?
5. How could they hold up your arms?


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