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Week 5: Friday

Lent Reflections

Who is your Moses?

The story of Moses needing Aaron and Hur to hold up his arms is a reminder of the need to have support and to support others. This weekend we invite you to hold up the arms of a “Moses” in the form of our missionaries. Please choose at least one of these brothers and sisters in Christ and hold them up in prayer.

If you want more information about any of these missionaries, please send us an email.

To Practice

Gordy & Tabita Beck – Austria
Church planting
Pray for God to provide workers for the church ministry; pray for their involvement with Ukrainian immigrants and for all the details for their visit this summer.

David & Katka Bordner – Slovenia
Josiah Venture
Pray for our co-workers and friends. We have a team of over 30 Americans, Czechs, and Ukrainians ministering to young people across Eastern Europe. Many of them are in the process of relocating their families for safety, as well as ministering to needy churches and refugees.

Jono & Sara DuPreez – Thailand
Please pray for wisdom, and favor and patience in our every day lives in a land where there are 99% unbelievers. Please pray for Sara as is very tired and sick from her pregnancy – due in September. Pray for Jono as he has many responsibilities to juggle

Kent & Amy Embleton – Indonesia
Missions Aviation Fellowship
Pray for language school to go well, pray for getting more involved in the local church and making friends. Another wave of covid is on the horizon.

Dave & Jenn Landrum – going to Scotland – fall 2022
Greater Europe Mission
Pray for a good partnership with the Found church in Scotland. Pray for 100% monthly funding by July, so we can do training in August and launch in September.

Ryan & Katie Vars – South Asia
Pray for a “seemingly impossible” unreached people group. God has placed them on our hearts and is raising up other interested people. Pray for wisdom and clarity as we plan and pray.

Names withheld
Closed countries
Some of our missionaries are in closed countries and we are not listing their information here. Please pray for protection and God’s divine guidance for upcoming travel. Please pray for our brothers and sister who are being a light for the gospel in dark places.


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