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Week 4: Friday

Lent Reflections

Prayer of Examen

The prayer of examen is a type of prayer that reflects on a time period; usually a day but you can adapt it to a week, month, or longer season. Through our reflections at the end of the day, we learn to become more aware of God’s Presence during the day. It cultivates our ability to see how God is present and working throughout our day. It helps us gain perspective whether we are in Egypt, the wilderness, or the Promised Land.

To Practice
We have provided a simple and extended way of doing the examen. A good rhythm can be doing the simple version on your own at the end of the day and doing the extended version at the end of the week or within a community.

Replay- What happened today?
Rejoice- Where did I feel grace today? Where was God particularly present?
Repent- Where did I feel emotional pain today? Where did I sin?
Resolve- How can I live differently tomorrow?
Rest- Go to sleep with gratitude in your heart?

Step 1 Quiet down and invite the Spirit’s enlightenment. Quiet down and pray to God and ask Him to illuminate where he has been present and where he felt absent.
Step 2 Proclaim blessings and thanksgiving. Reflect on the things you have to be thankful for from this day or season. Thank God for the gifts he gave you.
Step 3 Discern the quality of heart, thoughts, desires, obstacles, and moods. Consolation: Where has God been present? When have I been drawn toward intimacy with Christ? What tools did God invite me to use to strengthen my spiritual walk? Did I perform my responsibilities with a desire to serve and love God and neighbor? Desolation: When did I move away from God? When did I resist intimacy with Christ? What patterns have been a dominant obstacle to God’s desire to work in my life?
Step 4 Acknowledge fault and seek forgiveness. Acknowledge where we did not live up to the expectations of being a Christian. Accept the responsibility rather than look for excuses or blame others. Ask for forgiveness.
Step 5 Resolve to change. Ask God to reveal how should you change your patterns, routines, and behaviors and make a plan to do so tomorrow.


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