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Week 3: Wednesday

Lent Reflections

Passover as Liturgy

The Passover meal is what could be referred to as a liturgical meal. Meaning it is a meal that is eaten with the same things, in the same order, on a yearly basis as an act of worship and teaching. In the case of Passover, the different food items are organized in such a way that each item teaches a lesson and invites a meditation on God’s deliverance. A full Passover includes 4 symbolic glasses of wine, readings, songs, and the actual foods. We want to highlight four of the foods and reflect on their meaning.

1) Karpas or lettuce dipped into saltwater is a reminder that the story of Exodus started back with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.
2) Matzah or unleavened bread to remind us that there was no time to wait for the bread to rise because God is going to work at any moment.
3) Maror or horseradish is eaten with bread or lettuce to experience the bitterness of being enslaved.
4) Zeroa or roasted lamb to remind us how God poured out his justice on evil but also provided a way of escape.

To Reflect
1) Just like the karpas reminded Israel their story began long ago, when did my story with God begin? How was God working in my life far before I realized it?
2) Just like the matzah was an invitation to be prepared for God to work, is there any way in which I have been putting off being set free when God is ready to deliver me?
3) Just like the maror reminded Israel that their bondage made their lives bitter, how has my Egypt or bondage made my life bitter?
4) Just like the zeroa was a way of escape from Pharoah’s evil, how has God offered me a way of escape from my bondage?

To Learn More
Jesus used Passover as his way of explaining what his ministry was. If you want to learn more about Passover and how it connects to Jesus, Tim Mackie has an excellent sermon that you can listen to on the topic found here.


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