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Week 3: Friday

Lent Reflections

An Imaginative Reading of Exodus

This weekend, we are practicing a spiritual practice that helps us read Scripture—imaginative reading. It has two effects. First, it slows us down so that we notice different things than we may have seen before. Secondly, it tunes us into a different frequency that God was speaking on that we might not have normally heard. To do an imaginative reading, we read slowly enough so that we can picture what is being narrated to us. We then re-read the passage from the perspective of each character taking note of what they experience, what they feel, what they say, what their motivations are. After identifying with those characters, we ask what God has for us.

To Practice
• Read Exodus 5:1-6:13 to get initial awareness of the story.
• Re-read and experience the passage from the perspectives of Moses, Aaron, Pharoah, the taskmasters, and the Israelite people. Identify yourself with each character as you read and take note of their sensory experiences, their emotions, their conversations, etc. Each character should get their own reading.
• Ask God what he wanted you to see in this passage.

You can read from each character’s perspective in one sitting or space them out. The benefit comes from experiencing the passage as each character and then seeing what God reveals from that perspective.

To Reflect
1) What did I experience through the story? How were my senses engaged? What emotions did I feel? How did different characters have different experiences in the story?
2) With whom did I identify most? Why?
3) What was God saying to me through the experiences of the characters? What do their experiences mean for my life?


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