Foster Opportunities


Foster/Adoption Support Group
This group is open to ALL Foster, Adoptive, Relative Care, and interested people. The group meets on the first Friday of the month, at 6:30pm, at Northshore Community Church.  The evening starts with a community dinner, followed by breakout sessions for kids, foster parents, and adoption parents.   The focus is fellowship, support, and connection with intermittent training.  To learn more contact Roxanne Kar (

Safe Families
Safe Families for Children program is an innovative approach to prevent child abuse and neglect in families experiencing crisis situations by providing safe, temporary homes for children and support services for parents. By utilizing a network of host families, parents in need – either referred on their own or at the recommendation of a case worker – can choose to have their child stay in a safe family during times of crisis. Host families, prompted solely by compassion, are screened, trained and serve without compensation. As a result, the Safe Families program is a voluntary, non-coercive alternative to the state child welfare system. Explore how the Safe Families movement is working with Northshore Baptist to strengthen and support parents so that they can become Safe Families for their own children and children in the community. Contact Tony Kar ( or Roxanne Kar ( or learn more at the Safe Families website

DSHS Office Moms and Dads
Office Moms & Dads is a practical way to support local child welfare social workers and also care for children who have recently been removed from their home. Office Moms & Dads provides a caring adult who can care for, sit with, and entertain a child or sibling group while a social worker works hard to find a foster care placement for them. Contact Mandy Neill or Jen Browning or check out this article Foster Care Office Moms and Dads