Prayer and Care

Prayer Ministry

At Northshore we believe prayer is absolutely central to all we do. It is our life; the very basis of our relationship with our God, and the core of our ministries. As a ministry, we see our work as promoting, developing, and convening prayer at Northshore Community Church.

To communicate prayer needs please email or call the Prayer Line at 425-821-5252, press 6. To connect with a class, prayer group, or prayer team, email or call Anita Warren at 425-216-4439.

Recovery & Support

Everybody needs a place to go for help, encouragement and support when life is not working and disillusionment sets in. Northshore’s Recovery & Support Ministries provides a place where the liberating work of change can take place with the help of trained and experienced help.

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Benevolent Fund

When hard times come, the benevolence team is available to assess the situation and respond to those facing financial hardships. We provide help first to the Northshore family, and as funds allow, to those within our immediate community. The assistance we give can come in the form of food cards, bill payments, or other types of resources. For more information, contact the Benevolence Line at 425-216-4461.

Senior Connection

Connecting seniors with the Northshore community, ministries and services. We affirm God’s love for seniors and encourage their sense of purpose in serving Him. We care for spiritual needs by joining in prayer, Bible study, worship, and fellowship. For information, contact Anita Warren, 425-216-4439.

Hospital and Home Centered Visitation

Northshore extends resources to assist people who are confined. We provide bedside companionship, assessment of needs, tangible services, a link to the prayer line and communication with a pastor. We also develop support teams as needed for ongoing care. For information, contact Anita Warren, 425-216-4439.

Funeral Support

During times of loss, Northshore pastoral care offers the comfort of a personal presence to those who are sorrowful. We desire to be there for people who are walking through their first steps of grief. We coordinate resources, facilitate arrangements and participate in memorial services as needed. For information, contact Anita Warren, 425-216-4439.