Prayer and Care

Prayer Ministry

This ministry promotes and facilitates prayer which we believe is foundational to the health of our church. Please let us know your prayer needs at or call the Prayer Line at 425-821-5252, press 6. To be a part of a prayer team, email prayer@northshore.churchor call Anita Warren at 425-216-4439.

Recovery & Support

Everybody needs a place to go for help, encouragement and support when life is not working and disillusionment sets in. Northshore’s Recovery & Support Ministries provides a place where the liberating work of change can take place with the help of trained and experienced help.

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Compassion Fund

The Compassion Fund team assesses and responds to those facing financial hardships. We provide help first to the Northshore family, and, as funds allow, to those within our immediate community. The assistance we give can be in the form of food cards, bill payments, or other types of resources. For more information, contact the Compassion Fund at 425-216-4461.

Senior Connection

This team extends friendship, spiritual encouragement, and support to home-centered seniors who are no longer capable of attending our worship services. Those who live in an Adult Family Home are encouraged to love others as Jesus does and reaffirm a sense of purpose in their lives. For information, contact Anita Warren, 425-216-4439.

Hospital Visitation

Northshore members and attenders are encouraged to let us know when they are in the hospital. Our Prayer and Care team offers prayer support and a caring visit at the hospital when welcomed. For information, contact Anita Warren, 425-216-4439.

Memorial Service Support

We offer support to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one as well as assistance in arranging and conducting memorial services. For information, contact Anita Warren, 425-216-4439.