Our King Blesses Queen Hill with a team from Senior Connections

Our King Blesses Queen Hill with a team from Senior Connections

One Monday afternoon each month finds a small team from Northshore ministering to and serving the residents of a Bothell adult family home called Queen Hill, in ways that highlight the month, season, or life challenges and changes that are always rolling through the community.

The team, led by Candace Horch and sometimes including children, goes to the home with a prepared plan. The residents are always glad to see us come and they  enjoy the fellowship and companionship of the time together. While there are variations among the visits, in general we first greet and hug all of the residents and then we all gather around their big table and talk about Jesus.


Candace Horch gives a hug to Laurel Goodwin, a long-time resident at Queen Hill

Candace usually leads the time with a Bible lesson on a timely topic and then we wrap up the lesson with hymn singing (well maybe just one verse of each!) It is amazing to hear the residents, many of whom have a hard time communicating otherwise, being able to remember those old favorite hymns and start singing! What a blessing! Sometimes we share prayer concerns and pray together.

Another activity may be to work on a craft project relating to the Bible lesson, either individually or one project done together. They enjoy seeing all of the colorful supplies spread around the table and choosing their materials. In March we were able to hand out Easter baskets to each resident as a gift from the ministry.


Candace Horch opens an Easter gift with a Queen Hill resident.


Easter projects.


No gathering is complete without a sweet treat and we bring a snack as well, and it often fits into the theme of the day. Everyone enjoys dessert!

We celebrate the birthdays of the residents, with cake, singing and a small gift; conversely we also look at the harder side of life.  In this ministry, by its nature, we have losses. Dear ones pass away from time to time. When this happens, we remember them with a mini memorial service that our team shares with the residents at the  monthly get-together. It is a nice time of sharing meaningful Bible passages, memories, singing, praying; residents are able to share a bit about their lost friend and that always seems important to be able to do. As we leave there are many more hugs, good-byes and a little sadness at the parting, but always with the promise, “we will be back next month!”

The ministry to the folks at Queen Hill is one example of the larger ministry of Senior Connection at Northshore. Senior Connections matches volunteers to on-going relationship with seniors from the Northshore Church community who are homebound or have limited access to the community or church attendance. Many of the visits are one-on-one between a volunteer and the senior but there are other ways to participate, such as couples or small groups visiting seniors in varying living settings. We are looking for volunteers, especially for men or couples, who have willing hearts for the service of Jesus to our dear seniors.  We want our seniors to be remembered and not forgotten by their church, and for them to see purpose and meaning in their last years; we also want seniors’ families to know that we care for their loved ones and that senior members of our church are not abandoned.

If this is of interest to you, please contact Jim Shaw at jshaw5311653@gmail.com. Serving with Senior Connection is truly a blessing to all – the visitors and those visited. God blesses and sweetens those days for all parties! Please join us!

Laura Rotta
March 29, 2016

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