Homeless in Northshore…

Homeless in Northshore…

iStock_000015036052_LargeImagine a glass of water. Just nothing but pure H2O.  Think of that as a perfect community.

Now imagine that you release a drop of something into the water. It doesn’t matter what it is: ink, salt, lemon juice, blood, whatever you can think of. You know what happens … the drop doesn’t stay confined to the initial area but instead spreads to infuse the entire glass of water.

That’s the way community works – if one of us struggles, we’re all affected.

North King County (NKC) is the smallest, and often forgotten, sub-region of King County. The news media frequently reports on human services needs in other parts of the county, but did you know that in our area

  • 11% of Shoreline residents are living at the poverty level? Close behind is Kenmore (10%), Bothell (8%), Lake Forest Park (7%) and Woodinville, (5.5%).
  • There are 855 enrolled homeless students in the three school districts of Lake Washington (296), Northshore (203), and Shoreline (356).
  • A rent increase of $100 increases homelessness by 15-39%, according to the Mark Putnam (Director of All Home King County) in a recent KING 5 report ; local rents have been increasing much more than $100, challenging our vulnerable neighbors.
  • Homelessness is estimated to cost society as much as $40,000 per individual.

So what can you do?  How can you help?

At Northshore Community Church, we are serious about loving our neighbors.  One of the many ways we do that is by participating in Care Day, a one-day resource fair for low-income and homeless people in the North King County area, bringing together over 60 social service agencies in one room at one time, so that its fast and convenient for our neighbors to find the assistance they need.   This event feels really good to be part of, but also does so much good for the guests who come.

You can help by volunteering at Care Day, June 24th, 9am-2pm.  Register now on the Volunteer page at www.careday.net.

CareDay_servicesIf you know someone who need the services, or want you can learn more, or just want to see last year’s Care Day event, please visit www.careday.net.





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