Do you KNOW a homeless person?

Do you KNOW a homeless person?

Homeless people are often in the news of late, as we learn about The Jungle under I-5 and tent encampments and families living in cars.  It can seem overwhelming, sad, stupid … and also very impersonal.  Its so easy to think of homeless people as “they”, some group or statistic that doesn’t have a name or a story or a mother.  Who are these people?  Why are they like this?  Can they be helped?  Should I care… can I help?

becky1What If… you knew a homeless person?  Knew their name, their story, their family.  Would that make a difference?

If you’re interested, here are some resources to help you know a homeless person.

video:  Facing Homelessness  – a brief TEDx presentation on how small, simple steps can start to make a difference.

Facebook: HomelessInSeattle – learn about real people in Seattle who are experiencing homelessness, and how some people have helped.  Based on the “facing homelessness” project (see below).

facing homelessness – a collection of personal stories, surprising and poignant, of Seattle people telling their own stories about being homeless in Seattle.


I would love to hear your feedback – what do you think about this? 



  • Valerie Barker
    Posted at 22:55h, 28 August Reply

    The video, Facing Homelessness, was so meaningful. It gave me a starting point where I can begin to relate to and help the homeless on an individual basis. I think this would be a valuable video for the whole church to see.

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