Bothell Salmon Watchers – Volunteer Program

Bothell Salmon Watchers – Volunteer Program

Greetings Volunteers!

Every Fall, Bothell volunteers can sign up to watch salmon return to our streams and count them to aid local scientists.  Volunteers pledge to watch a designated site for 15 minutes, twice a week (barring bad weather, illness, and holidays) and record their findings.  The season lasts from September- December (weather permitting).  New volunteers must attend one brief training session to choose their site, get identification information, and any necessary updates.

It’s almost that time of year again – time to get ready to watch for salmon in our local streams.

First off, here are the dates of our training workshops this fall:

New volunteers: If you have never volunteered as a Salmon Watcher before, we’d love to see you at a training session. You need attend only one.

Returning volunteers: If you are a Veteran Salmon Watcher, we suggest you come to a training every two years for an identification refresher. However, you are not required to attend a training. If you want to participate again this year, just let me know and I will mail you your packet in September.

Online data entry: It’s back! (And it’s about time.) If you would like to use online data, just let me know and I’ll be sure you’re set up before the season is in full swing.

Online Site Mapper: We are hoping to utilize this online mapper as much as possible instead of printing hard copies of maps. In the past we mail you or give you a hard-copy map. But unless you specifically request it, in many instances we hope you can use this map program instead. You can also use it to help select a site you’d like to watch prior to coming to training. The mapper page is linked to from the website, and here is a direct link:

Salmon Watcher web site:

The “Volunteer” page has additional information relevant to the training workshops.

Salmon Watcher on FaceBook: We are hoping that you can start to use FaceBook as a forum for sharing fish-sighting information. Give it a try! Fish for us on FaceBook, as they say…!/pages/Salmon-Watcher-Program/139072069171

Hope to see you in September!

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