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Job Description

This position will provide visionary and spiritual leadership and sound management for the overall Local and Global Outreach ministry of Northshore Community Church, equipping and empowering leaders and our congregation for short and long-term effectiveness locally and around the world.


Strategic Planning and Vision Casting in Local and Global Outreach

  • Identify focused areas of need and opportunity both locally and globally that align with Northshore’s values, mission and philosophy of ministry.
  • Develop and evaluate strategies to make a measurable impact in identified focus areas.
  • Identify and engage local and global partners that are making a measurable impact in these focus areas.
  • Curate and/or develop focused local and global outreach partnerships and experiences that mobilize Northshore in addressing these needs.
  • Recognizing the importance of ongoing relationship and engagement, cultivate and/or develop ongoing opportunities on an annual, quarterly, monthly and/or weekly basis.
  • Develop, implement and sustain a culture of ongoing relationships between Northshore, other churches, and other like-minded organizations.
  • Provide leadership to the Mission Leadership/Review team. Functions of this team include:
  • Recommending a Local/Global Outreach annual budget to the Overseer Team.
  • Assisting in developing outreach policies and strategies for local/global outreach.
  • Evaluating existing and potential partnerships.
  • Monitoring and communicating outcomes.
  • Ensuring appropriate missionary care and support.
  • Advocate for Local and Global Outreach, gathering and presenting stories that convey the impact being made through Northshore and its partners.
  • Develop environments and opportunities to inform, challenge, and motivate others about involvement in local and global outreach. These may include the use of social media, classes or conferences, church-wide experiences, etc.
  • Maximize alignment between local and global ministries encouraging participants to engage in ongoing involvement.
  • Remain well-informed of and evaluate trends affecting missions and the local church.

Leadership Development and Care

  • Identify, train, and support key lay leaders in coordinating local and global partnerships.
  • Develop Local/Global Coordinators and Project Managers to implement programs and initiatives (staff and volunteer).
  • Develop mentoring opportunities for local/global outreach leaders (country or partnership coordinators, short-term trip leaders, etc.).
  • Provide counsel and strategize next steps for supported missionaries on the field, as requested.
  • Oversee the assessment and debriefing process for missionaries.
  • Provide advice and counsel in emergency situations.
  • Oversee short-term mission training program.
  • Lead in commissioning prayer for short-term outreach teams.
  • Coordinate strong, consistent, and ongoing prayer support for outreach partners and missionaries.

General Staff Responsibilities

  • Lead and serve in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with the entire leadership of Northshore (Overseers, Staff, Core Lay Leaders, etc.)
  • Provide pastoral care (prayer, counseling, encouragement, etc.) to Northshore body
  • Participate as a leader and pastor in major Northshore Events as directed
  • Execute other pastoral duties as assigned (preach, pastoral care, etc.)

Job Requirements

  • Fulfill the character requirements found in I Timothy 3.
  • Have a deep, growing love for the Lord.
  • Have a passion for local and global outreach and seeing the gospel shared around the world.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, planning and problem-solving ability.
  • Good computer skills. Basic to advanced knowledge of Microsoft programs.
  • Ability to work as team member to accomplish desired results.
  • Be a Northshore member or pursue membership (if not already).
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