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Job Description

The Director of Worship carries out the vision of the church by leading worship and developing teams to lead Sunday main services and student mid-week services.


Sunday Main Service (55%)

  • Primary worship leader during weekend services
  • Help craft the flow and direction of worship experiences
  • Develop and disciple the musicians
  • Determine the needs for a given weekend
  • Lead musician rehearsals
  • Manage tools to prepare musicians for Sunday
  • Recruit volunteer musicians to help them prep for services
  • Attend weekly department meetings
  • Work with other ministry staff to coordinate Sunday details
  • Rehearse and lead during Sunday main services
  • Assist in other projects and stage sets as needed

Student Mid-week Service (40%)

  • Provide leadership for student worship services
  • Recruit and rehearse band members for Tuesday services
  • Oversee set lists for all student services
  • Provide leadership for set-up transition with stage gear, equipment, etc.
  • Secure songs and arrangements that are appropriate for the Student Ministry
  • Coordinate scheduling of musicians, vocalists, and tech teams
  • Attend weekly youth service planning meeting
  • Facilitate youth musician team building

Seasonal Events (5%)

  • Coordinate and lead worship at designated retreats/camps
  • Be fully involved with Christmas and Easter main services


  • High degree of personal integrity and confidentiality
  • Demonstrated level of maturity and judgment, as well as the ability to remain objective and develop trusting and respectful relationships at all levels
  • Excellent communication skills, with ability to be appropriate across many communication mediums
  • Anticipatory planning and problem-solving abilities
  • Detail-oriented but not at the expense of “people first”
  • Self-starter, with minimum supervision required
  • Good computer skills; intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft programs
  • Ability to recruit, train and supervise volunteers in a variety of tasks
  • Ability to work as a team member with peer workgroup to accomplish desired results
  • Be a member at Northshore or pursue membership
  • High School Graduate (minimum)
  • Spiritual Character and Personality Profile
    - Passion for Christ
    - Passion for worship
    - Godly character
    - Teachable
    - Team player
    - Shepherd/Developer
    - Embraces the theology and culture of Northshore Community Church
  • Competency Profile
    - Strong musician – proficient on guitar and/or keys, ability to lead band and vocal rehearsals
    - Strong vocalist
    - Competent worship leader
    - Ability to connect with youth and adults through worship leadership
    - Ability to lead teams (recruit, train, rehearse, perform, shepherd)
    - Ability to manage tasks from brainstorming to implementation
  • Experience Profile:
    - Led worship in an organized structure for at least four years – includes campus ministries, churches, conferences, etc.
    - Previously a member of multiple full-time staff organizations
    - Previously had a healthy connection to a home church experience

Immediate Supervisor: Director of Weekend Experience
Partners with: Weekend Experience Department and Students Department

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