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Job Description

Position Overview: The Director of Operations will lead the operations and ministry support of Northshore by partnering with the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor of Ministry, and Overseer Team to ensure that the mission, vision, and strategy are fulfilled.


• Strategic Leadership Partnership
- Lead and shepherd in partnership and collaboration out of an overflow of a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus.
- Partner with and support the Senior and Executive Pastor as a ministry partner and wise counselor in implementing vision and strategy through staff and ministries.
- Partner as a member of the Overseer Team in developing, executing, and evaluating vision to include any leadership on specific ministry committees and teams as directed (i.e., Building Development Committee, etc.)
- Lead the Staff in the areas of operations (see below) and human resources, and be available to the pastors, directors, and ministry support staff to assist in making ongoing decisions that are needed to keep ministries moving forward.


• Operations Team
- Develop and implement operational goals and objectives that align with Northshore’s goals and objectives.
- Lead the Operations Team and oversee, manage, and develop the Finance Manager, Systems Administrator, Office HR Project Manager, and Pastor of Spaces and Places and their individual ministries and teams.
- Identify and implement means to increase excellence and efficiency of ministry support services, ensuring accessibility and ease of use by ministry teams.
- Collaborate with the Executive Pastor to oversee management, and allocation of personnel and resources, including management of event planning tools.
- Support the Ministry Team in the implementation of ministry programs, goals, and objectives.

• Finances
- Coordinate and oversee the annual budgeting process with the Director of Finance for the Overseer Team and Staff.
- Work with and through the Director of Finance to ensure proper accounting procedures and financial reporting.
- Work with and through the Director of Finance and Overseer Treasurer to ensure safe and accurate financial planning regarding cash flow and reserves.
- Oversee all “risk management” insurance policies and procedures for all Northshore Ministries to ensure proper insurance coverage for ministry events

• Development
- Experience in leading or building a development plan to engage with Northshore’s existing giving community, as well as create strategic onramps for those not currently giving. Use various platforms to provide statistical analysis to track giving trends and respond to changes.
- Working closely with the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, communicate and tell the story of the vision of Northshore and the biblical basis for tithing.
- Lead a communication strategy to express gratitude and illustrate ROI (e.g. offering scripts, giving statements, annual reports, etc).

• Facilities
- Work with and through Pastor of Spaces and Places to ensure that all facility coordination and usage is maximized to include facility calendaring, regular building and grounds maintenance, and deferred building maintenance.
- Work with Overseer Team, Pastor of Spaces and Places, and Building Development Team to develop, implement, and evaluate all Capital Campaign and facility expansion plans.
- Oversee through Pastor of Spaces and Places and Systems Administrator to provide for security systems to protect the physical plant and resources.

• Support Staff Operations
- Work with and through Office and HR Project Manager to ensure that all ministry support personnel and assets are properly managed, and workload is appropriately distributed throughout support staff.
- Human Resources
- Develop, revise, and implement employee policies for staff and the entire church as needed to include the Northshore Employee Manual.
- Oversee and manage all benefits for staff to include health insurance, life insurance, and retirement investments.
- Oversee and facilitate annual employee review process to include recommendations for salary increases and communication plan for staff.
- Establish and oversee the processing of new employees for HR-related issues.
- Develop and revise annual compensation structures.

• Legal Matters
- Oversees all matters of legal significance and brings issues to the Overseer Board.
- Oversees risk management and establishes policies and procedures to mitigate risk.

• Pastoral Staff Responsibilities
- Participate as a leader and pastor in major Northshore Events as needed.


  • College degree with management preferred
  • Three-year minimum experience in managing operations and staff
  • Strong supervisory skills including but not limited to high integrity standards, confidentiality measures, problem-solving and conflict resolution capabilities
  • Ability to train, motivate, and develop staff in a team environment
  • Strong social and emotional skills in helping to read and relate to team members, be they staff, volunteers, vendors, or community
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Excellent communication skills, planning, and problem-solving ability
  • Ability to manage operating budgets and conduct budget forecasting
  • Ability to build a strong volunteer team
  • Must be a Northshore member or pursue membership

• Immediate Supervisor: Executive Pastor
• Supervises (Staff): Pastor of Spaces and Places, Director of Finance, Systems Administrator, Office, and HR Project Manager
• Partners With: Overseers Team, Ministry Leadership Team, Outsourced IT and Northshore Staff

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