A Psalm for the World: Tips for Day #3

A Psalm for the World: Tips for Day #3

Make sure to first read  Beans & Rice Day #3  if you haven’t already.

Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s guidance above all else in navigating these topics with your children. Below are some kid-friendly tips.

Wednesday, Day #3: Refugees Around the World

Say: There are many people all over the world that are forced to leave their home and country due to war, violence, persecution, or natural disaster. Many of which are children just like you. They are trying to find a place to live but it is extremely difficult.

Ask: Consider these conversation starters at the dinner table.

-What would it be like if we were forced to live in a tent? How would you feel if you didn’t have a choice in the matter?

-What would it be like if you had to leave all of your clothes and toys behind? Would it be hard or easy to leave all of our family, friends, and neighbors, not knowing if you would ever return?

-How do you think God wants followers of Christ to treat those that have been forced to leave their homes? Do you think He cares about those who suffer?

-Open your Bible and read Psalm 67:2.  What does this verse tell us about God’s heart?

-Can good come out of evil caused by man? (consider the fact that God is building His church, refugees represent many different unreached peoples groups coming from many closed places).

Play: Check out  How to Talk to Your Kids About the Syrian Refugee Crisis for more tips along with an informative kid-friendly video (mind you it is UNICEF Australia).

Explore World Relief Seattle for more information on how your family can help refugees locally.

Pray: Pray for the team from Northshore that is going to Europe next month. They will be seeking out ways in which our congregation can partner with European churches to serve refugees.

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