In Our Community

Jesus asked us to love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves and to serve the way He served. From church-wide to family-specific, there are lots of opportunities to serve our neighborhood and city through Northshore. God is doing amazing things in our community and we invite everyone who calls Northshore home to take part in the experience.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our goal is that every person who calls Northshore home would be serving their neighborhood and city. You, your family, and your Community Group can help us transform our community by championing a cause you believe God is calling you to invest in.

Local Impact Site

Keep up with the latest news, surprises, and opportunities in serving the Northshore community.

Contact the Team

The Local Impact team exists to help you serve in your community. Please contact us for more information, any questions—whether it’s an email volley or a conversation over coffee, we’re here to help!