Many countries you support through Northshore eat beans and rice for many, if not all, meals each day. What would happen if we did the same?

For the week of June 4, exchange your daily meals with beans and rice and hold off on your entertainment expenses, all to make an impact by donating the money saved to an important training center through our partners in India. On Sunday, June 4, you will have received a starter kit on your way out of service to help kick the week off. Bring your savings and donations collectively during service on June 11 to support this year’s initiative: Project India.

Over the last few years Northshore Community Church has planted 200 churches in India. We are in the process of constructing a training center for the pastors to learn leadership skills. The leadership skills acquired will help them lead their community in social and spiritual development. The center will be a place for brothers and sisters to find renewal and learning as well as fellowship. The building will be named and inaugurated by Northshore leadership and Paul Olson, a former member of our congregation that introduced us to our partner in India Ramchand Saranu in 2000. Your donations will go directly to funding the rest of this project and all that it will provide for many families throughout the region.

Take the Challenge


Eat beans & rice for as many meals as you can the week of June 4 and save what you’d normally spend on food.


Inspire your friends and family to do the same. Post about your beans and rice adventures including the hashtag #eatcheaply to share the heart behind the challenge.


Give as you go online, or Save your cash throughout the week and give during service on Sunday, June 11.