At Northshore

Serve right here at Northshore by joining the teams that make it all happen. We believe each person has been given gifts, talents, and resources to help build the church of Jesus Christ, and we depend on each member and attendee jumping in to serve where God leads them.


First Impressions

The first face you encounter at Northshore should be a smiling one, helping to make our guests feel comfortable and welcome. From the parking lot to the seat, you make our guest’s first experience a positive one.

Brew Crew

The Pacific Northwest and coffee are synonymous, where each Sunday we serve some of the area’s best: Single Origin Guatemala-Trapichitos from Caffe Lusso. There’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee while engaging in conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. Help make that experience possible by serving our quality coffees on Sunday mornings!


Worship Team

If you are a skilled musician who loves Jesus, we invite you to explore being a part of our Sunday worship experience.

Northshore Kids

From newborns to elementary, it takes a lot of love to show Jesus to the little ones who come through our doors every week. Whether you hold a baby or you teach a class, serving these kids is a blast!


Northshore Students

Pre-teens and youth are at a pivotal life stage for their life-development, where you have the opportunity to make a huge impact.

Women’s Groups

Come be part of the fun as we serve women of all ages here at Northshore. From meal prep, to caring for little ones, to prepping for events, there’s a place for you.


Campus Operations

Help keep our church running smooth by serving with our Office/Admin team or our Facilities team, where your organizational and manual labor gifts can make a big difference.