After much prayer and deliberation, our Search Committee and Board of Overseers have unanimously affirmed the calling of a Senior Pastor Candidate to lead us at Northshore. The Senior Pastor Candidate will give a message and there will be a chance to meet him after both services on August 27. Due to the possibility of him transitioning from his current church, the name of the Senior Pastor Candidate, as well as his bio, will be revealed in the August 17 Enews. Click here to sign up for Enews.


Where can I find the Senior Pastor Job Description?

A position summary is available here

How were the candidates evaluated?

The preliminary evaluations of all candidates were conducted by the Slingshot search firm using their in-house processes. Slingshot presented a portfolio for each candidate to the Search Committee with an in-depth description of their life, beliefs, approach to ministry, ministry work and sermon videos. The Search Committee reviewed each candidate portfolio and then developed a set of standard interview questions to ask during first round interviews so that all candidates had the same opportunity.

Second round in-depth interviews were conducted with questions/topics tailored to the specific candidate.

What information will the Search Committee & Board of Overseers share about the selected candidate?

The Board of Overseers will reveal the profile of the Senior Pastor Candidate through the Enews on Thursday, August 17. The candidate will be informing his current church that he is a candidate for this position that same week so we’re waiting to share his information out of sensitivity to them. Click here to sign up for Enews.

Will the Search Committee or Board of Overseers share the names or results of interviews of any other candidates?

The Search Committee and the Board of Overseers are bound by legal and ethical standards that will not allow us to share private information regarding the candidates and the reasons they were not moved forward in the process.

We would appreciate your understanding in this matter and respectfully request that you don’t press Search Committee Members or Candidates for this information

How will the candidate become our Senior Pastor?

Northshore Community Church’s bylaws require a vote by the congregation to affirm the Senior Pastor. We will be holding a special Family Meeting on Sunday, August 27, at 6 pm for this purpose where the Board of Overseers will present a motion to call the candidate to be our Senior Pastor. The motion requires a 3/4 majority of those present in order to be approved.

How can we pray?

Pray for unity in our Congregation, Leadership Teams, and our Search Committee.

Pray for strength, clarity and perseverance for our Search Committee members, our candidates, and their families.

Pray for opportunities and the willingness for our congregation to serve and to present Jesus to people who don’t know him.


If you have any questions or concerns about the search process for Northshore’s senior pastor, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.